Thursday, 28 July 2016

IoT HackHyderabad on 23&24 July 2016

Hello all,

This is a 32 hour IoT Hackathon held at progress software company at ilabs on July 23rd and 24th. The event started @ 10A.M. The event main focus is laid on the connected devices. At first Harsha Bandaru started the event with the introduction to Open Source followed by Mozilla. Later the session is handled by the Harsha Vardhan followed by the Skype session with the Dietrich where he shared about his insights and what the Mozilla is doing and how we can build the smart things with the connected devices.

After his talk the session is totally Handson where myself with other two Mozillians Sanjay and Deepak start exploring the Raspberry PI kit we had. I have a previews knowledge on setting up the OS in the PI and running the GUI mode so i quickly set up the OS and connected the PI to the internet. Later we went through a series of  videos in youtube to get familiarize ourselves with the GPIO pins and with the coding for PI in python. So we quickly built up the demos shown in the videos such as LED Blink and followed by the LCD Screen Display.

After working on these an idea ignited our brains how it will be if we get notifications from the PI as soon as some one tweeted in twitter for the Mozilla Hyderabad with the twitter handle #MozillaHyd so we started working on the twitter API twython and later once we got the messages in the command prompt we integrated it with the other demos we learned while working on PI and we successfully able to get the LED Blink as well as a buzzer when some one tweets with #MozillaHyd twitter handle. Here is the snapshot of the video we have taken while testing it.


Later we worked on the display of tweet on the  LCD screen as we are getting the tweet in the command prompt. We also helped out the other participants in fixing their problems. The whole community is actively involved in helping out the participants by fixing their problems and learning from them. Kalyan and Harsha Bandaru helped few of them and we helped others this way the whole community shared their knowledge with the participants.

 At the end we announced the winners and runners of the event. And the Winner is awarded with the Mozilla Flame Device this is followed by  speeches from the guests of the event and  photo session and of course i missed out the photo session but being a part of the event i enjoyed it to the core and learned the new things a lot and i also laid out few plans to turn my home a smart home. More Pictures will be updated soon :)